This is a short list of our most frequently asked questions. For more information about Neighbee, or if you need support, please email us at admin@neighbee.com

  1. What is Neighbee?

    Neighbee is a platform for citizen activists. It’s a digital townhall that empowers activist teams- all the parts and people together for common good.In today’s complex world, success requires skills & knowledge that outstrips any one person’s abilities, and only by organizing a team of neighbees can we drive any meaningful change around us.

  2. Where does Neighbee, the word come from? (or Who is a Neighbee?)

    Neighbee is pronounced as [Ney- bee]

    Humans and bees are the most social species of nature. They choose to flock around well organized neighbourhoods & city. So we combined ‘neighbor’ and ‘bee’ to coin Neighbee- one who believes in free wandering, sharing and caring for common good of sentient beings around in the city.

  3. What does a campaign on Neighbee mean?

    For Neighbees- campaign means organizing selflessly for common good. Campaign is the stage to bring people together for a cause and drive them with trust and discipline to achieve the common goal.

    Neighbee acts as the digital townhall for such organizations- by bringing all parts & people together and, thus, acts as the digital townhall.

  4. Who are team members & supporters of a campaign?

    A Campaign creator recruits team members to help & manage the campaign. These team members can be assigned roles as per their specialist skills or mapped to geographic responsibilities using the campaign management tools on Neighbee. Team members can then get spread the word around them, to get supporters for their cause.

    Campaign team can then use Neighbee platform to communicate internally as well as with the supporters via a campaign update post which reaches all campaign supporters & drive them towards the common goal.